comments from our clients 

LaFonda Williams has worked on multiple projects in my home and business that resulted in great satisfaction. LaFonda is a professional who consistently performs with excellence, extreme creativity and integrity. In addition, I can trust LaFonda to create quality solutions in the most cost-efficient manner possible. I am honored to recommend LaFonda for interior design.
— Jim Wallace, USA Regional Sales Director at Mainfreight USA
I would highly recommend Mrs. LaFonda’s work as an interior designer. She was able to create what I would call a miracle in my living room. As a very busy professional, military member, wife, and mother, I often find it difficult to find any time to create the look I want. I didn’t have to look any further after linking up with Mrs. LaFonda. Her brilliance, professionalism and passion for her field made me one impressed and grateful customer in the end. In addition, she has a gift that allows her to get to know you as a person and personalize your home without you contributing much to the idea. My expectations were far exceeded.
— Avis McCaslin, RN at Outpatient Clinic
LaFonda is the most exciting designer with whom I have ever worked. I have had the privilege to work with her on several projects, and it’s truly a pleasure to work with someone who shares the same passion and high standards. I look forward to witnessing her zeal for the client and her inspiring creativity on many more projects!
— Keith Moehle, President of KM Builders and Remodeling
LaFonda is exceptional, business minded and reliable. Her creativity and professionalism is only exceeded by true devotion to her client and all things important to those being served.

My home design is fresh, stunningly beautiful, peaceful and a useful BLESSING to me, my loved ones, visitors and all who enter. It is a gift from above, largely through the expertise and efforts of LaFonda. I am truly thankful.
— David Ellison, Aviation Planner at City of San Antonio Airport System